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Rears on front

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Does anyone run rear wheels on the front of there foreman? I'm checking out SS112 ITP Wheels and like the way the rear ones look but dont like the front ones. Has anyone ever ran rears on the front?
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I'm thinking I would have to run spacers in the back to get them to line up but what do yall think?
wrong offset
So it wont work eric?
You could do it but it would stick way out, just try it with your stockers. That will give you an idea of what it would be like.
i think it will work with the spacers. im runnin mudlites on mine and the front is almost even with the back so if you were to put rear tires on the front and some rear spacers, i thinkit would work.
Yeah when it warms up I'm going to! When we go to the mud nat's my buddy told me I can take his outlaws so I might try it then.
Just read your post on HL, I gave you a what up dog...........
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you could run the same size tireson the front, but rear rims on the front would stick way out. might rub on the edge of the fender too
You guys know it's killing me to find out. I have been cooped up in this house for a week (sick) and I have been watching atv videos and writing in atv fourms all week and now I have an idea and I can't see if it works!!!! I'm going MAD, MAD I TELL YA
I tried the 10" inch wheels and tires from the rear of my buddys Eiger on the front of my Foreman to see if they would fit. The offset made the wheels stick out way too far and the handling was terrible. The aftermarket front SS wheels are wider than stock and offset more than stock so they should look pretty good.
I still want to see for myself, or does anyone have pics?
Looks wide, what if you mounted them backwords?
Rear wheels are offset 5" from the outside. Fronts are 2" from the outside. I think this would mean you would need 3" spacers in the rear to line them up. Everybody seems to agree that going over 2" with spacers is asking for trouble. What about IRS wheels. I think that Dirty4Man's wife runs a combination of IRS wheels and rear spacers.
QUOTE ("H4":2wgvrc80)
What about IRS wheels. I think that Dirty4Man's wife runs a combination of IRS wheels and rear spacers.

That was going to be my next venture!
Heres a pic of the rear....Thanks to a guy from HL.
IRS wheels are just front wheels, they would work on your bike but they are front wheels, you are wanting rear wheels.
I just want them to be the same all around.
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