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Rear winch.... Finally DONE!!!

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Let me know what you guys think. Took a couple of days...I put in a toggle to control either the front or the rear winch. I did have to lose the rear cargo box, but the winch sits flush with the rear and that was what I wanted. The best part is nothing was welded to the ATV.
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that bitc# is sweet good job
That's cool! I have the WARN multi-mount and the only thing I don't like about it is that the winch sticks out too far,and when the winch is mounted on the rear you can't open the rear compartment.
Yeah the downfall was the box was removed, but all I kept in there was a tow strap. I guess I will have to get a "trunk" that mounts to the rack.
Looks Sweet
nice job.. looks great.. i was goin to put on the rear but im done ridin for a while..
Did you buy the mount or build it? Looks great by the way!
We built it, mainly out of 1 1/4" flat stock and only a bit of 1" tube. Turned out to be pretty cheap to build.
QUOTE ("rubyandforeman":2k2echxp)
nice job.. looks great.. i was goin to put on the rear but im done ridin for a while..
how come? man the summers here, best time to ride!!
my parents said i dont need to be tare any thing else up. and i have to work all summer and the olny day i get off is sunday. o well i will b ridin some time..
Nice,I would do that since I'm always pulling someone out,but the winches eat your battery up,and they cost to much.But anyway..good job!
same place i have mine. except i cut the trunk mount tabs off and welded a piece of plate on there then bolted my winch to it
you should pantent that and and sell it to the people that cant weld
Very nice work!
Very nice! That could deffinately be a useful addition
I am hoping so.... there have been numerous times that it would have been useful. Knowing my luck, now that I have it.... I will never need it.
Right on...........I was thinking of the same thing. Only problem.................. I can't weld or fabricate
i never need a rear winch. just somthin to get in the way. but i thought bout buildin one.
Once in awhile I ride by myself, so I need all the insurance I can get. Also, here in Iowa there is not alot of people into the "muddin" the ATV's, so when we all go riding I am in the mud while the others are jumping jumps. There are a few that will go with me, but the options are always nice!!!
ya opions are nice.
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