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rear end

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Today we tried to move my 2004 Honda Foreman 450 quad and the rear wheels did not want to spin. I checked the parkbrake and made sure it was in neutral. Perhaps there is soemthing wrong with the axel. I also made sure that none of the brakes were on (foot brake and such). I ahve no idea what to do. Any ideas?????
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is it in neutral?if its been lying for a while the brake could be stuck on,try pulling the arm back at the drum,even though its fine at the lever+pedal it could be stuck on at the drum
that is a posibility, two of my old hondas did that, i finally took the shaft out of the drum and sanded it down and oiled it. also by some chance would there be no oil in the diff and it locked up? let us know what you find.
I have had this happen on one of my bikes before and it turned out tobe mud in my axel bearings
if its cold where you live,water may have gotten into your break drum and froze her up.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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