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Rear End Trouble

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I have a 2000 Foreman450s and there is no power to the rear wheels. I checked the shaft and joint coming from the motor and they are turning fine. I jacked it up all four wheels off the ground and started it up and run it in gear the crown gear turns but the axle does not. I droped the rear end fluid and drained it threw a coffee filter and very little filings. Do I just need axle,bearings and seals to fix this or do I need a new ring gear as well. Hope this makes sense to you all. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Tom
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sounds to me like you need new gears, and if shaft is truning and not wheels, that says gear to me, seals can also be bad, and never a bad idea on new one's while apart
also, it can be the axle's are stripped too, or just them
right rear side was known to go bad on the 400's due to water egtting in there and rusting the splines up and making them weak and thus failing!
pictures would maybe help too
I am not MR fix it either, just an opinion here!
The axle and wheels turn by hand but not the ring gear. Ring gear turns when the bike is running in drive.
pull it apart and look at the ring gear (canadans call it a crown gear) .......ill bet you $50 it is just the axle thats bad .....
BTW welcome to the forum !!!
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This happened to me as well. I had to change the ring gear and rear axle. I also changed all bearing and seals while i was at it. My seals went bad and got mud in the axle tube and it destroyed the splines on mine. Good luck!
Thank You for your help and suggestions. I'm off to the garage to see if I can find out what's wrong and I will let you know what's going on with the axle and gears. Cheers
welcome to the forum.
I think I have this same problem on my 1998 Foreman 400. Wheels spin, but do not spin the ring gear. What did you find out?

I have attached video of what it looks like threw fill hole New video by Nickel Potter
Honda 450es broken rearend on youtube by steve does stuff. Check it out for this problem exactly.
That looks like exactly what I have going on. Thanks for hooking me up with this link! Now I need to buy some parts, and start taking everything down. Cheers!
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