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rear driveshaft ?

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about a month ago i snapped my rear output yoke and luckily i didnt bend the internal shaft . now i finally got the time to fix it, so my question(s) are can i take the rear apart as a whole( rear end and driveshaft housing ) or is there a differnt or easier way of doing this? im sure i can figure it out but i aint got time for trial and error. does anyone have any suggestions?
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Just pull the rear swingarm and the rear ujoint will just slip off. You don't even have to disconnect the brakelines or anything. You can pull it in less than 30 minutes, just make sure that you have a big enough hex head to loosen the bolts holding the swingarm on. We just did mine last week, but my shaft was bent. It was not too hard to fix we welded the old yoke on a pipe and put a dial indicator against the shaft and bent it back. Are you sure that yours did not bend, when you pull the boot off of the ujoint if there is any oil leakage then the shaft is bent. Mine was only bent about 8 thousandths of an inch but i guess that is too much.

Good luck and if you have a rear lift I would take the sucker off, that is what caused mine to break and I only had it on there a couple of months.
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yes u can take it out as a complete assem. Block the bike up just under the motor with the rear tires touching the ground. the black plastic floorboards will have to be removed or losened. There are two swing arm bolts that take a 17mm allen socket, one on each side right behind the foot pegs. They are covered by a black plastic push in plug. One side has a lock nut on it but it will come out pretty easy, just rememeber which side the lock nut came off of. Remove them, undo the rear brake cables, shocks and vent line and it will roll right out.
nope no oil leakage, thanks for the tips ya'll
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