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rear disk brakes

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I need to find a conversion kit for the rear brakes on my 2004 rubicon,highlifter dont carry these any more.who else sell them.
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did highlifter happen to say why they quit producing this? just curious. check out yasky atv. they make disk brake kits. they have them. they said they were trying to get one for the honda 500, that was 4 months ago. i really, really need one.
disc brakes

highlifter only said that they were not going to carry the pads or kits any more.I found a kit for my bike from pats small engine plus, the kits is 305.00 and the mounting kit is 49.95 and s/h is a flat rate of 5.95 on orders over 300.00.Mine is ordered,e-bay didnt have any,i started e-mailing people that had the front kits, only one person, said they had them for 379.00 plus 15.95 s/h
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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