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Rear Disc Brakes form Highlifter

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I have been looking at or thinking about this for a while now! I am just woundering if the Honda Foreman 450 Highlifter rear Disc Brakes will work on a 2005 Honda Foreman 500. This is not the rubicon 500! Just the Foreman 500. I am at the point of just buying it just to see if it will fit. Since no one can really tell me if it will fit or not!
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Have you called High Lifter? Or post that question on thier forums?
Jeff gathering from the info i've been getting out of them at HL i think it is for mounting the master cylinder where the problem is.You could prolly work around the problem if your any good at fabrication.
I know I saw that already I am on the forum too! But thanks anyway.
I think X-Treme has this kit just about ready.
Yeah, I just ordered the front kit for my Rubi and they said its almost done., I think its all together just waiting on marketing stuff. I hope its soon. My brakes on my Rubi are horrible, hoping these new front discs will be a big improvevment, if so I'll be buggin them daily for the rears. I can't understand why my Rincon front drums are great, and the Rubi drums suck?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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