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Rear Disc Brake

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Does anyone make a rear disc brake kit for the 500 foremans or will one for a 450 foreman work?
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I would think the one for the 450 would work, between the two the rear brake systems are the same. the only difference is the lenght of the brake cables. try giving highlifter a call to see if they offer one.
is the solid rotor better than the rotor with the holes?
I think the solid rotors are better than the sloted, less places to trap dirt and sand. the xtreme frt kit I have now, the rotors are twice the thickness of the HL kit. but I dont think xtreme makes a rear kit, Hightlifter is the only rear kit that i know of.
I hope they come out with something soon for the honda Foreman rear disc brakes kit. I have already gone through about 6 shoes and 3 drums on my 2005 honda Foreman 500 all due to mud!
i though the rear brakes was sealed
QUOTE ("JWJR":phlghgts)
i though the rear brakes was sealed
Not if you go through the stuff I have gone in. Once you get water or mud in there is no stopping it!
high lifter kit will work. The rear brakes are sealed and if you are getting mud in there either the o-ring or the seal is bad. i have see a lot of sleeves on the rear hub bad and it continues to take out the drum cover seal and let water and mud in the brakes. I have to agree that disc is the only way to go though.

Both solid and drilled rotors have their upside. The drilled holes are to dissipate heat which is not good for brakes so the pads and all parts including fluid last longer. The solid are used in motocross racing for mud since they clean better.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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