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Rear Brake

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I went for a ride yesterday and realized my rear brakes were shot. I've got around 400 miles on moderate to serious trails with quite a lot of nasty hills that "require" brakes. Is this normal and what do I need to do to fix it? I adjusted the nut on the back and it help for a while, then they were out again.
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Wow, they went out that fast! I have around 2,500 miles and have yet to replace the rear's. Matter of fact I still have almost half of my adjustments to go. Take the drum apart and make sure it isn't packed with mud causing your pads to wear out quickly.
Yeah, I would make sure everything is clean first. Honda Mech was saying to move the brake arm (piece that cables pull on) a couple of splines. Don't get to radical, you don't want to "cam over".
Pull the drum off and make sure everything looks good.I just had a Rancher apart and everything looked O.K. but I was out of adjustment,so I moved the arm backwards two splines and now they work great.I'd say there was about 1/4" of shoe lining left.
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