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Rear Brake Update and I need additional help please!!!

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OK, so I have figured out that the rear drum brakes are pretty much useless so far. I managed to get my broken stud out and take apart the entire drum. Man it was tuff to get off the axle. It was pretty much coroded on there or something. Anyway, I put the new shoes on her and she likes them so far. Hear is my new problem. My back brake pedal sticks. If I push it down, then it applies the brakes correctly, but the pedal never returns and I can hear the drum just a rubbing away. I am sure this will just flat eat my new brakes. I tried to get the pedal off, but no luck. I took out the cotter pin and the washer and pryed the crap out of it and had no luck. How can I free this sucker back up?

Also, I have an issue with my back brake lever also. Remember, I just got this foreman used, so I am still figuring out everything that is wrong. When I pull the hand lever, brake works great, but the drum lever never returns. Well, I look at the drum and the lever actually moves pretty freely. I notice that on the hand lever that under the dust boot the cable is actually moving back and forth. I would have thought it would be like all the other bikes I have ever had and the cable would be stationery with possibly an adjustment or something at the lever end. I am thinking that something is broken.

Does anyone have an idea about either issue above?
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the rear brake foot pedal is an easy fix, i had the same issue on my rancher. you have to pull the pedal off of the shaft and clean it off with some sand paper and put it back on with that pin. it most likely has some mud and crud built up in it.

the part with your cable sounds like a spring isn't working somewhere, on the rear of the bike where the cables go into the brake thing...take it off so it isn't attached to anything then pull the handle, if it works fine the it is the spring assembly on the rear brake that is bad, if it is hard to move or doesn't feel right it's the cable. You can go ahead and replace the cable anyway, I think you can get them online for $5.
My problem is that I can not get the foot pedal off. Any ideas on how? I have used a pry bar, large screw drivers, etc...

How can I get the pedal off?
AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.......................who needs brakes
I do, I do!!! Any ideas on how to get the foot pedal off?
Heat it with a torch and then tap on it lightly with a hammer
You are the man! The torch worked great! I got the brake pedal working good now. I now need to replace my lever cable. Can someone please tell me where I can find one online for the cheapest?
Anyone know?
local shop for bout 9 bucks
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