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rear axle

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just wondering, if I have my 03 foreman 450s on the jack should the rear wheels spin easily by hand. On mine the wheels won't just spin i have to keep turing it. Thanks.

2003 Honda Foreman S, Perfex skid plate, Mair hand guard, custom front skid plate, snorkeled and winch
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I don't think they spin freely. Mine do the same thing.
I recently had my Quad up on jacks installing a lift and the rear wheels would spin for maybe one quarter to one half a turn after I stopped spinning them...Hope this helps.
It depends on how free your bearings are, how tight your seals are and how much you have your rear brakes set-up..

better to spin free?
No If they spin freely things are to loose in there, not good
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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