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Rear Axle Won't Fit

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Hi Everyone.I'm replacing the rear axle in 98 450S with OEM honda axle. Seems as though the axle is about 2 inches too short. Brake panel, dust cover bolt on fine. Axle slides through differential (From Right to Left) fine. I hand tighten right axle nut. Then Put on collar on right side of axle tapered inward. If bearing is sitting at 11.5 mm deep inside the axle housing, the axle housing will not be flush with the differential? If I take the collar off it, the hubs will bolt up fine. Bearing is new Allballs brand. Anyone had this problem? There is no Part# on the axle it's self, but it was new in the honda box and has the correct part number on the box, just seems to be too short. Or wrong width bearing? Any Ideas? Thanks so much...
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I meant Collar on LEFT axle.. Sorry
Does the Left hub seat inside the axle bearing?
I'm thinking this is the wrong bearing, too small for the hub to be pressed into, if that is indeed how it fits. It was apart when I aquired it..Ideas, thoughts appriciated....
I'd have to say match everything new up with the old and go from there.
Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately. the old bearing was not in the axle housing. Oh well, I'll break out the mic in the morning and see what I can come up with..
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