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Rear Axle Tube

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anyone ever had to replace the rear (short side) axle tube? i originally thought it was my wheel that was bent, but i replaced that and the last ride i went on some buddies noticed the short side of the axle is bent.... i think it may just be that tube, or i guess i hope so
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if you can feel it wobbling the axle and axle housing are both proubly bent. you will just have to take it apart and check it out.
Bent rear end

I agree the axel and the tube are probably bent. But you have to take if apart inorder to find out. I think you may have to take off the drum brake side to completly remove the axel. I just changed the tube and the axel on a 2006 rubicon that I am rebuilding and it was simple. Place called M R Cycles has all the parts you need with cheap shipping. Give it a whirl and let us know!
thanks for your help guys, and that site with the service manual, but i'm still not convinced i want to go taking apart my rear end
but then again i hate to take it somewhere and get charged no telling what. i don't feel the wobble when driving, so that's why i'm not thinking it is the actual axle, but just maybe that tube, or maybe even the hub. i'll see about taking some pics and posting, but something this slight of a bend not sure how much you'll be able to tell from pics.
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