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Rear axle nuts...

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Anyone know off hand what size socket you need for those?
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17 mm
its much bigger than a 17, not the lug nuts, the nut that holds the axle in place.
seems like a 30 mm but that is off the top of my head and it has been a little while since i have had it off. sorry
i can't find one

i can't seem to find a socket to get mine off either, i tried everything i can think of and that sucker isn't moving...

i tightened up my lug too much and it broke the lug off so i have to replace that whole piece...
it is a 30MM although my sorry air wrench wont break it loose, im gonna have to get creative tonight on this thing.
Hey Rob, put you lug nuts back on and put a crow bar between them to hold the hub then put a breaker bar on the socket and stand on it. The nut will come loose. this is how i get most of them loose to work on the rear brakes. hope this helps

yup 30mm and alot of muscle will get r don

since the rear brakes were mentioned, is there any maintanence that needs to be done to them??
make shore the arm moves good and seal it up good
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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