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Rear Axle Bearing???

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I have a 03 450s and the rear axle non brake side moves around lots is there a bearing at the end of the axle shaft before the hub???
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yes there is:

17 BEARING (32X58X13UU)
91055-HN5-681 001 $9.77

18 OIL SEAL (42X58X10)
91255-HA0-681 001 $9.48

use those part numbers here also your dealer sould be able to match that price so you dont have to pay shipping
so if there is alot of play then change that bearing
The bearing might not be the problem. It's possible that the hub is worn. Try removing the cotter pin and tightening the axle nut. If the hub goes tight and the play disappears the hub is probably worn and it will be loose again fairly quickly. If so , replace the hub and bearings if needed.
ok thanx lol its funny i was gunna ask the same question then i seen some one had aready done so
Does anyone remember what size the castle nut is, that holds the hub on. I'm trying to replace the back brakes, but I can't get the nut off. I need to purchase the correct size socket. Is it 34mm? Also, is it counter clockwise to remove it, or is it backward threads. It is on really tight, and I don't want to mess it up. Thanks in advance!
If I remember correctly it is 30mm with standard thread, counterclockwise to loosen.
You can use a 30mm socket or a 1 3/16" socket, it's only 0.006" larger than the 30mm socket.

30mm= 1.181"
1 3/16"= 1.187"

Whichever one you use make sure it's a six-point socket, I wouldn't suggest using a 12-point you could easily round off the corners. It takes some stength to break the axle nut loose, I had to use a cheater bar on a 1/2" ratchet, even broke a 2" extension trying to get it loose.
I was missing (of course) the 1 3/16" socket out of my large set so I just went to Home Depot and they had a six-point 30mm for around 6 bucks.
Excellent. I will pick up a socket today. Thank you very much.!
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