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Really dissapointed

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I went and bought a Moose county plow today and I think it is a terd. Push tube is to narrow so there is a lot of slop side to side and the bolts used to attach push tube to plow blade are so wimpy you would not believe it. I had a Cat brand plow on my 500iM and it was so much better. I should of went with the Tusk plow but I thought Moose would of been a good brand..............I was wrong.
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Take it back!
Yes take it back .. They come seperate ,you buy the push tubes & mount for your model bike ..Then you buy whatever blade you want 48" ,60" etc .. Sounds like they didn't give you a Moose blade ...
It's a Moose blade and push tube allright. Everything did come seperate. I really don't think I can take it back, I used it on my driveway.
Mine is a Moose also...same deal....moves almost an inch and a half side to side. Could have made the mount a little better IMO.

It does work though....I will say that much.
Well they took it back. I can't believe it. I bought it from my old Cat dealer because I know the owner and he was a great guy to deal with. I am glad I purchased from him instead of online!

Anyone from MN looking for a Cat, Polaris or Zuke let me know I will hook you up with the best dealer I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with.

Honest opinion: I will never buy another Moose product. Not enough product for the price.
QUOTE ("Eric":2ugtruiw)
Honest opinion: I will never buy another Moose product. Not enough product for the price.
We only sell Moose stuff. We get machines in for service w/ cycle country and other brand accessories and thought the Moose stuff was much better. But whatever works for you is what matters and I'm glad to hear you have a dealer you can count on. Too many dealers do bad things to screw the customer and make people not trust any dealer, even the good ones.
60" Tusk is in transit as I type!
oh wait till you get the is the best plow out there IMO.I killed a cycle country and a moose plow but i did use them for commercial use.The tusk was used also and is by far the most durable of the plows i have used to date.You'll love the quick attach laying on the ground in slop to line up a stupid clevis pin.just drive on and flip the latches and drive off.
I read your post on HL Truckman, that's one of the reasons I purchased the Tusk. Seems just like the Cat plow I had. Same attaching setup, that was a really good plow too. I hope it is better than the Moose, can't be any worse
When I was plow shopping, it was suggested to me that the Swisher plow was a great set-up. Mainly because when raised up it was much higher off the ground than the rest. The pivot point was near the bumper, not under the atv.

Anyone have a Swisher? I ended up buying an Ariens snowblower.
Snowblower?..............come on man, a plow is just one more gadget you are able to put on your toy
Wow, what is a snow plow for? What is snow?
I feel bad for anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of playing in the snow. I have always been told that the further back on the ATV the plow attaches, the better so that the front of the ATV isn't pushed up by the plow. There is less ground clearance and the blade won't come up as far, but all 4 wheels can bite and the stress is evened out on the frame of the ATV as well.

Mine is a Kimpex (I think, I've had it for a long time) and it attaches just ahead of the rear tires using a replacement skid plate mount made of 1/4" plate steel!
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