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Re-route vent lines????

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I don't have a snorkle and probably wont do one in the future. But I do see guys re-routing their vent lines. IS that a good idea to do to avoid water in unwanted places? And where should they be routed to? Does all the plastic have to be removed?
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Not everyone at once! Need some help here!
no you dont have to remove all the plastics. The only one i had to remove was the one tank panel on the right side of the bike. The hoses were easy to put on. I used hose clamps on the nipples that come out of the diif. and the rear brake, a ziptie on the fan and just added on to the factory vents on the carb and sealed them off with zipties. I put a screw in the carb drain and hose clamped it sealed. It probabally took me 10 15 mins at the most.
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