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I would suggest just using oem jets. I havne't snorkeled mine or anything but I put on a K&N, HMF and just used a larger main jet and re-adjusted my air/fuel screw. I bought my kit from and it came with the K&N w/prefilter, oem jets & HMF utility for about 325~330 (can't remember) shipped.

I would think that if you just run a snorkel for now then just adjust the a/f screw to allow more fuel to pass to counteract the extra air coming in from the snorkel. Some of the tale tale signs of being off on the a/f mixture is backfiring and erratic idling. Backfire on deccel is lean, backfire or miss/sputtering on accel is too rich. Also try some throttle chop tests and check your spark plug.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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