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gotta a couple questions.....i have gotten the triangle snorkel for the rubicon.....i finally got the lift and the springs on......i got a uni air everything siliconed and greased up......but will need to rejet with just the snorkel?? or just when i install the HMF.....should i do it at the same time?? and if you guys like the dyno jet kit? or just get the oem jets?? and if your doing the oem......what is a good starting point on the jet sizes......alrighty....think i've asked enough....
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I would suggest just using oem jets. I havne't snorkeled mine or anything but I put on a K&N, HMF and just used a larger main jet and re-adjusted my air/fuel screw. I bought my kit from and it came with the K&N w/prefilter, oem jets & HMF utility for about 325~330 (can't remember) shipped.

I would think that if you just run a snorkel for now then just adjust the a/f screw to allow more fuel to pass to counteract the extra air coming in from the snorkel. Some of the tale tale signs of being off on the a/f mixture is backfiring and erratic idling. Backfire on deccel is lean, backfire or miss/sputtering on accel is too rich. Also try some throttle chop tests and check your spark plug.
sounds good....i'll start with that......had loads of other machines....but i've decided to finally learn to do this stuff myself.....tired of paying for it to be done!
Hey as I have a snorkle and just installed a HMF pipe. i can give you some hints as well. i have a 165 main jet and 2.5 turns out on my a/f mixture. I am not sure what size snorkle you have but I had a 1 1/2 pipe and had to go to 2" because the hmf really breaths good. Good luck. I have a extra 165 if you want it. I will give u the main jet and ship it for $5.00
thanks i appreciate it.....but i just ordered some oem jets.....with the just got to get the hmf done and then the laws......ready to get muddy soon.
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