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re-honda foreman 500 rebuild

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New tranny is what there telling me now!
Went there again today they showed me the 1st and 2nd gear forks they were gouged a little bit,then they showed me the gears,I'm not a mechanic but I did not see any broken teeth or gouges anywhere.Would changing the forks only, work? costing me another $1600 to change everthing they are changing in the tranny.
I'm starting to think they are trying to squeeze blood out of a turnup,because what they did to the motor and the tranny is gonna cost me $4200.00!!!!
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Thats almost the price of a new foreman. Thats the price of the 05 rancher down here in NC. I give them **** and tell them thats manufacture falt.
Sorry to hear but it's not worth it!

New 500 in NY $ 5695.00
HOLY HANNAH ...............
QUOTE ("wolfemsn":3e3b8kbx)
I give them **** and tell them thats manufacture falt.
It's very hard to warranty tranny damage. Warranty covers defects and defects only. Where is the defect in a rounded tranny dog or slot??? Unless it was poorly manufactured, which just doesn't happen w/ tranny gears, its probably not going to be covered. We did get one covered for a guy but it took some good talking by the service writer. And it only got covered because they have two 500 Foremans that replaced a pair of '02 450 Foremans and they had bought extended warranty on all 4 machines.
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