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Rattley noise from top end

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a loud noise is coming from top end front area of my motor as if somethings lose,has anybody got any idea what it is,its worse when idling,it runs fine,its not a tappet,anybody any ideas what it could be?exhaust loose etc?any help would be appreciated
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Don't know....check your valves...go see HM at HL or WR at RTR.
Pulled the top end off +the decompressor wheel on cam is loose ratling about bad,the pins which hold it in place are worn,i have to replace the whole cam as its 1 complete unit!
Sorry to here about that, Good thing you know what your doing.

Any Idea how that might of happpen?
wear+tear is what ive been told thats caused it,its got 998 hrs on clock but even so its not a major part i thought
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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