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rancher winch install question

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I am going to splice into the 12v adaptor for my ignition on wire but I was wondering if anyone knew what gauge wire that was because I want to get "T splice" connector for it but need to know the gauge of wire. thanks.

also any suggestions on the best/easiest place to mount the contactor are welcome!

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tap into the accessory hot 18GA for the rocker switch. It only has power when the ignition is on and it's fused too!
My contactor is inside the rear storage box.
I don't know what gauge the wire is. But I mounted my contactor to the frame in front of the seat, under the left-side plastic body panel that covers the gas tank. Some people mount them in dry box under the seat (where the manual and tools are stored). If you plan to do a lot of deep water or mud riding that would probably be best. My bike is used almost exclusively for hunting and trail riding so I think my location is high and dry enough for me.

thanks guys! I spent about 2 hours last night jackin' with the "custom" mounting plate. All the bolts were too short for the U clamps to be fastened to the frame. This is a gorilla mouting plate for the 06 rancher. I guess I will try some longer bolts and hopefully that will work so I can move on the actually installing the winch. Anybody have trouble with these mounting plates too?
I too bought the Gorilla 3000 for my 06 Rancher AT. It all bolted right up, no problem.
I got some longer bolts yesterday for the u clamps and it all bolted up with no problems. I think they must have put some wrong bolts in the hardware kit. Did you guys have to remove one of the small headlight covers to make enough room for the winch to fit? I did, and now i am wondering what I should do to re-cover the back of the headlight because the cover can't fit back on because of the winch being so close to it. Any tips?
Winch Install

What year a model Rancher are you installing the winch on? On both the 07, and 06 Ranchers, I did not have to remove any headlight housings. The 07 was a pain in the butt...... It is a tight fit.

It's an 06'. one of the terminal bolts on the winch was hitting the small square piece on the back of the headlight housing. i had to take it off for the winch to fit. another 1/2" difference and i think it would have fit. Any one got any advise?
I had to remove the back plate on one for my 05.

Did you put it back? If not, did you just leave it open back there and does water bother the headlight at all?
Havent put it back and after every ride I spend 8 to 10 bucks at the car wash keeping things looking good. No water problems but it is a little tough getting the mud out the rear of that housing.
Yeah, I had to take a cover off of mine too. Here's what I did to keep the crud out of the light fixture. I took a box cutter and cut the plastic housing down right at the point where it begins to taper. This left a 1 inch deep ring (of sorts) instead of a 3 inch (or so) deep box. I put a piece of heavy visqueen over the the back of the back of the light and returned the new ring (old light box) to hold it in place. The visqueen can protrude through the ring but doesn't contact or interfere with the winch motor. I suppose as long as it doesn't get too hot from the light it should be fine. I haven't really tested it yet though, that is, no long run times with the lights on.

I'd try to take a picture for you but I'm in central Florida and the bike's in central Georgia.

I was installing the Gorilla 3000 winch yesterday evening on my '04 foreman 450. I plan on tapping into the accessory wire as posted earlier. Got on the forum to see what other people did, did a search and darn if you didn't have the same question. Actually you all answered all of my questions . Mounted the contacter in the rear storage box. Had same issue with front headlight, so, I dremeled off just enough from the cover for the winch to clear and put the cover back on. I noticed on the mounting plate for the winch that the u-clamps have one slotted hole and one standard hole. When I put the slotted holes at the bottom and the standard holes up against the mounting plate I did not need longer bolts which at first I thought I did. Another issue I had was that once I installed the winch mount I couldn't get the bolts into the winch, the holes were too close to the frame. No room for a wrench or socket. I ended up unfastening the winch mount and then mounting the winch on the mount with the mount loose in the bike. I also removed the bash plate which helped with access to the winch bolts and then reattaching the mount. I will finish up the install today. Dan
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Post some pics Dan!
Well I finally got a chance to finish her up last night and it works!!! It took alot longer than I thought it would but mostly because of the mounting plate problems. I tried the u clamps both ways as far as the slotted holes go but the bolts were too short both ways. Longer bolts and it instaled without any problems at all. Contactor mounted in rear box, used a "T-tap" wire splice to splice into the white/black striped wire on the accessory plug, routed and zip tied all wiring to frame, and all is well. Thanks for all the help guys!! Now I need a new shiny front bash plate to make the front end look good. Would like something that goes all the way up and replaces the plastic brush guard too but haven't found any I like online yet.

looks good snatcher. like the skid plate. saw one on ebay like that and now that i see how it looks on yours (which is exactly like mine) i think i will get one.
Thanks. Here is where I got mine:
I will get some pics this week.
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