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rancher video

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<a href="" target="_blank"> ... loween.wmv</a>
im the kid with the rebel flag hat
also i love my 27 inch vamps lol they help me out alot
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pretty kool vid...were makin one to put on the site this weekend hopefully, I probbably wont be inn it unless my bike fixes itself magically!
John whats wrong with your bike
needs a new choke and the carburator needs to be cleaned out.nm not a big deal just havent found the time to do it...the other day me and bouncho were ridin in the pit and got stuck and then there was water over the back rack, so I was lucky i didnt drown it out cause i took ma snork off
it wasnt stuk that bad.i made bouncho sit on the front and i piked up the bak and i just walked it out..(he had to sit on the front cause we were in a water whellie when we sank in the mud)then i decide to get koky and ride a reverse water wheelie and then all of a sudden my idle started goin up again until it was at full throttle when i wasnot even touchin the lever.

remember where i swam at the end of the pit when we got your bike stuk? if you do that is the pit we were riding in/not the part we crossed though, the actual pit
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nice vid..

how come the tires on your quad in the vid, dont look nearly as wide as the tires in your pictures.. and are they all ranchers? all have snorkles? couldnt tell.. pretty nice...
Great video work! And I really like how the Vamps look on your machine.....Not a fan of the wide look.

Now all you need is a helmet cam for your next one! Keep up the good work!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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