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rancher sputters at full throttle

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stock 06 350 tm dies at full throttle, cranks up after it sits for a minute. not sure if it is a heat issue. acts like it is starving for fuel. Mabey vapor lock. This is a buddies ride, he is replacing the fuel filter and checking the vent lines for kinks today. any help would be much appreciated.
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has the rancher ever been in/under water.. if so pm and i will help u out
Is there any mods done to it?
No mods, bone stock and has never been under water. The problem seems to be getting worst. today at a low rpm it was sputtering and dying.
the owner had mentioned a control module may have gone bad? Would that have tha kind of affect?
Sounds like carburetor issues,Start with a new sparkplug,clean the air filter,and remove the carb. for cleaning.It's not that hard,remove the float bowl and blow it out really good with compressed air.
We are going to change the plug, check/trace everything that is going to and from the carb, remove the carb and clean it. Mabey this will do it.
if all that doesn't work it is possible that if the original owner fouled the plugs and never changed them, carbon could have built up on the piston. If so take a VERY light sandpaper and lightly rub the surface. When you put the piston back in make sure the rings are still good and put a little oil on it.
Problem fixed the culprit was a pinch fuel tank cap vent. It was pinched on the end. Everything is work as it should now. thanks for the tips. I would have never guessed the tank cap vent.
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