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rancher snorkle suplies

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what all do i need to snorkel my 01 rancher es. if someone can give me a list of materials that would be great. also i want to run it up through my fender.
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Matter of fact i just snorkeled my 01 rancher ES and it works great. heres what part i used.
(almost all of this can be found at lowes)
4ft of 1 1/2" spa flex hose.
1- 1 1/2" 90 degree flexible elbow
1- 2" - 1 1/2" reducer (abs)
1- 1 1/2" bushing (abs) (goes inside reducer)
1- 1 1/2" 90 degree elbow (abs)
1 tube of rtv silicone
if you have some 1 1/2" pipe at home thats good but if your like me you dont so i got 5ft of abs pipe at lowes. thats the shortest stick they had.
you can use pvc but the abs is black and looks a lot better.
then youll need to go to autozone at least thats where i went i dunno if other parts places have them or not but i guess so. i found a 3/16" 4-way vaccuum line fittin which i made work but probably a 1/8" would work better if you can find it. you need this to vent your carb, axles, and differentials. and youll need probably 4ft or so of rubber hose. i used 1/4" hose but you can use whatever you feel like since these vents dont need much air.
it took a lil riggin to get mine to work cuz i got the plans off this site but was for a foreman.
first take off the seat of course.
then ull have to take off the piece of plastic on top of the tank. use a flat head screwdriver to pry the center out of the rivets. dont just try to pull them out. then while your at it remove the black piece of plastic that connects your front and rear fenders on both sides of your atv. they have 2 rivets on front fender and 2 on the back i believe and then pull them back a lil cuz they are held on to the plastic beside the tank by hooks. now comes the fun part. remove the factory breather from the air box by unscrewing the hose clamp and popping the rivet out of it. then cut your gas valve off, unhook ur fuel line from your carb and unbolt your tank. 1 bolt rear, 2 bolts front. this was the safest and easiest way to run the snorkel tube. now that you have your tank off, take your spa hose and dry fit it in ur airbox. i ran mine over the gas valve so i could keep it away from the motor as much a possible. ull have to do some plastic cutting now. theres a piece of white plastic under your tank so this is what ull have to cut. i used my pocket knife to cut it but a utility knife would probably work better. lay your hose on top of the white plastic against the left part of the frame where your gas valve sits. make some type of mark so youll know how much and where to cut the plastic away. after you have that done you can sit your tank back on to check for proper clearance and make sure you it pinch your hose. after youve got that done i pushd the flex hose inside my air box a couple inches and then put rtv around it on the inside for about an inch. then i pull the hose back out enough so that the rtv makes a seal around the outside of the hose on the inside of the box. i still had about an inch left inside the box. now tighthen your clamp on the outside of you airbox down on the hose. now you can reinstall your tank and route the hose over your gas valve thus holding the hose away from the engine and run it beside the fan shroud and out close to the left front shock. next i took a hole saw for a drill like you use to cut out holes for door knobs the size of the smaller end of your 2"- 1 1/2" adapater and drilled it as close to the back right corner of the rack on the left side of the atv. then take and cut a small piece of ur
1 1/2" abs pipe just long enough to go inside ur reducer and your flex elbow. i think mine was 2 or 3" piece but ull have to measure and see. now glue one end of the piece you cut in the reducer and the put the other end w/o glue inside the flex elbow and tighten the clamp around it. then i cut the spa hose a lil long so i could get a lil bit of extra stuffd inside the other end of your flex elbow. after you put your flex hose in your flex elbow push it in tight and tighten up your hose clamp. then i put rtv around the flex hose on the outside. enough to make a seal around it. youre almost finished. glue ur bushing into the reducer. cut off a piece of 1 1/2" abs how ever long you want and glue it into the bushing. now put your 90 degree abs elbow on top of the pipe you glued in the bushing. i didnt glue the elbow cuz i might want the snorkel longer some day or shorter so i just stuck it on there and make sure its facing backwards. now take your 4 way vaccuum hose connector and connect your carb vents and what not. youll have 3 small hoses running up near ur gas tank these are the ones you need to snorkel also. i put those 3 in the 4-way connector and put a piece of 1/4" rubber hose on the last open spot. then i ran the hose beside the gas tank under the plastic and up under the lcd display. then i cable tied it. that way its high enough to be outa the water and under the lcd its out of sight. now put your plastic back on and enjoy. if you have any more questions just shoot me and email at [email protected] good luck and let me know how it turns out.
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would it be the same as above for an 06 gpscape rancher trail edition??? If I cant get this bike used to water its gotta go
The basic concept is the same for all of the 4 wheelers...You may have to re-route it depending on your specific bike. Weather it beings the right side or the left side of the bike..under or around the front shock...cut thru or over the fender...ect...
Thanks Rincon 650, do I have to block off, reroute or do any other mods to like the fuel vent or anything? I notice vents and hollow canister sort of things all over this bike lol. How's the descriptions, I don't now what they're really called.
Nope..not to the fuel lines.. Just all the vent lines, brakes, diff's, carb vents. Here are some pics..
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