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rancher pouring fuel on the floor of my garage

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My 01 rancher will sometimes pour fuel while just sitting in the garage.

I have never turned my fuel valve off on any motorcycle so I carried the same habit over to my atv.

Anyone have this happen? Both times I have turned off the fuel and started the engine to run the fuel out the carb. In this process by the time I do this the flowing has stopped and I can not tell exactly where it is coming from.
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if its only doing it sometimes, more than likely there is trash in the carb causing the problem. All it take is a grain of sand to let it run . your lucky its running out of the overflow and not into your engine or air box. When not in use just turn it off, it only takes a sec
I was thinking the same thing...Isn't that the job of the overflow/vent tube.. But I do agree..why is it flowing out for no reason...That has to be where it is leaking from... unless you have other bigger problems like a cut fuel line or a crack in the carb. That would be the ONLY place that it should be comming from..
I never turn my fuel valve off either.Probably a good habit to get into though. I bet something like the float is sticking or sand/dirt is keeping the needle and seat open. I'd start by removing the carb. and then remove the fuel bowl and have a look.
I never turned mine off either until I snorkled the bikes.. The wind, while towing the bikes, was passing by the snorkles and causing a vaccume and pulling fuel out of the carb and into the air box.. After a long ride, the fuel filled up and soaked into the air filter. You should see what gas does to a foam filter.. Can you say MELTED.. Anyways, good tip for snorkled bikes..
Thanks. will check the carb out.
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