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Rancher Oil Cooler Inop:

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This is my first post so please bare with me! I have a 2002 Honda 350FE Rancher ES. My oil cooler fan is not running. I bought this bike in the winter so didn't know if the fan should be running at that point. Now it is hot in the MS delta the fan doesn't run. What can I check? Or what are the first steps in the troubleshooting guide. Is there a connector between the fan and the power and/or thermostat? Everything else is fine and I hope this will be enough info so some of you can help me on this. Thanks again.
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There was a post a while back that was talking about the same thing... From what I can remember...There is a wire under the belly pan that goes into the motor.. You ground this wire and the fan should come on. Someone will pipe up and tell you the color of the wire.. ( I wanna say it's blue )..
You gotta love it when Honda Mechanic answers a question... A blind man could follow these answers... Thanks for being around HM...
hey, I got a '04 350 rancher and my oil fan has only come on once when I was pulling a trailer thru the sand. The rest of my time riding it never came on and I thought the same thing. If you ride at a good clip, there is enough air going thru the coller to keep the fan from coming on...
Oil Cooler Fan

Ok Honda Mechanic, I preformed the test and here are the results:
1. Fan motor does not start.
a.Check cont. between light blue wire of connector 8P and blue wire of the thermosensor. ( this test check was good, there was continuity)
b. I disconnected the white wire of the ICM and grounded the harness side. I turned the ignition switch on and the fan motor came on and stayed on.
c. I disconnected the green wire of the ICM and with my Fluke meter checked continuity from the ICM green wire and ground. There was continuity.
So, I guess I need to replace the ICM on the Rancher. Seems to be a quick exchange with no problems. I want to thank you for your insight once again.
Oil cooler fan inop

Also I forgot to mention:
1. When everything is hooked up I dissconnected the connector on the thermosensor and grounded it. I turned the key on and the fan doesn't come on.
Here is the answer I came up with. I ran a ground wire from the frame to the white wire (of the ICM) and the fan comes on when the key is in the run position. I suppose the ICM is bad. I will run it like this for a while. Thanks for all the info. This forum is great for the do-it-yourselfer.
The Ranchers fan rarely comes on! In fact the 2wd models with standard foot shift don't even have a fan ( I had a 05 Rancher 2wd and no fan) The Foreman I have now you will definately know when the fan is bad since it runs 80% of the time it seems!
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