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Rancher Fulltime 4x4?

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I am planning to get a Rancher 350FM and was wondering if the 4x4 can run on pavement without damage being it is fulltime 4x4?
I considered the Warn 424 kit, but I read something about a strap that holds the shaft in place????? What is that all about?
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I have no clue. But I had the full-time 4x4 and it shuttered on the pavement from side to side. I don't know if that was from the 4x4 or my 27" tires. But I had a 424 Select on there for 5 months and I never had no problem. I'd recommend the Warn 424 Select to anyone for a full time 4x4 ATV.
Warn 424= . My buddy put one on his
Rubicon. He says that is the best thing he has put on his atv.
i have 2 ranchers and the first mod i did was the warn 424. the kit is easy to install if you are somewhat mechanical. the kit itself replaces the front drive shaft. because the lockup mechanism is in the new front drive shaft, it cannot rotate freely like the original. therefore the outside "sleeve" must be stooped from rotating. warn uses a heavy rubberized fabric strap to accomplish this. because of the location, i u bolted to the metal skid plate. 2 years and lots of miles with no problems. in fact the little ranchers are quite sporty in 2wd and i rarely put them in 4x4.
I installed a Warn 424 on my 05 Rancher FM last week and I love it! Totaly different machine in 2 wheel drive mode. It seems to have more 'pep' and it's a lot more stable on pavement at higher speeds.
It is without a doubt the best thing to install on any full time 4 wheel drive atv in my opinion!
I'm with everybody else...I think it is a great mod and I've never heard any complants about it....I would defenitly go with it
i had a 424 on my rancher and had no problems with it and is a great product
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