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what would you guys think of a rancher foreman rubicon comparison? i have read how everyone says that the 420 rancher would out run a 500 foreman and just wanted to say that my cousin has a 420 and i acutually outran him on my foreman. just was wondering all around which would be better? i already know the rubicon is faster than the foreman. just all around better?
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im heard people say the 420 will smoke a foreman 500. i have dont seen it done yet and 2 of my friends have one..

if you use your quad to work i whould say the rubicon cuz it has low range.. and foreman if you use your quad for work and play. i dont know much bout the 420 rancher..
well i cant speek for all ranchers but i know i did beat the 420 in a race with my foreman by about three bike lenghts in a 300 yard race. i really did not think i could beat and was surprised myself.
who cares about which one is quicker.. if your looking for speed get a sport bike.. i would definately say that the foreman has more power and torque than the rancher..
^i agree^

if if ripping around the trails floats your boat, the rancher is the answer.
but at the end of the day cant beat the low end grunt of a foreman
buy a foreman its worth the extra couple bucks
I looked at the new rancher when I was buying in March. You just get a lot more bike for the $$$ with the Foreman, let alone a lot more low end oomph! I'm 6'3" and the Rancher felt like a kid-bike under me since I was cramped up, but the foreman is much more comfortable for me. Just my 2-cents
Amen,a Rancher is WAY to small for me.I'm 5'8,and sometimes my cousin askes me to switch bikes,and he even loves my bike more than his Rancher.I would'nt complain either,i love my bike.A rancher feel's almost like my old 250 to me.Bottom line"if you want a good trail bike with manuverability,get a Rancher,but if you want a mud bike get a Foreman,either way you won't go wrong"Cause it's a Honda!!!!!!
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