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Rancher Center Headlight

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I am thinking about adding a center headlight to the Rancher. Has anyone found a good headlight light kit or done anything themselves that has worked well?
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I do believe they make a kit for it.I think i saw it in the dennis kirk catalog need to wire it separate than they say tho as a friend did the install the way they show and the light is on when the headlights are on which is lame if you put anything on your front rack.the light shines back in your face then.
Thanks for the info! I've found one that looks like it might be pretty good, but wanted to see if anyone else had found anything that worked well. Don't know why Honda doesn't just go ahead and put them on the models that already have the displays. Guess they think only the big boys like to stay out late.
I made one for my old TRX300. It took a piece of 1/8"x1" flat steel and 2 1" U bolts to make the support, and a aftermarket KC fog lamp. It works great and is set up so when the low beams are on just the 2 headlights are on but with high beams the third light comes on too. Its nice because you can tilt it unlike the new Foreman lamp! It doesnt look factory but it doesn't look bad and it is SO very useful!!!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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