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Rancher Brakes....good or bad?

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Being it has drums all the way around, how maintenance intensive are they? Do they work when you need them? Do they make you second think going down steep hills because of their performance? How often do they need adjusted?
Sorry, just never had hydraulic drums, and last had drum brakes on my old ATC's. Thanks!
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There is a tripple seal on the brake drum to keep water/dirt out , if you keep clean grease in the seal lips the brakes will last for years..not to much grease or it will get in on the brake pads..
That's what i was gonna say. Mine is a 2003 model Foreman S & my brakes
still work pretty good. I take them apart & clean them out & put fresh
marine grease around the seals at least twice a year & it has worked
great. A lot of people don't like them & say they don't work or last that
long. Thats just because they don't take the time to maintain them. They
will definatley out last disk brakes if properly maintained.
yes they will last fine and they have plenty of stopping power for you if they are maintained in the way described.I switched to disc brakes for the ease of maintenance and for the heck of it because i like to tinker.the drums are good and should last a long time.
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