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Rancher AT?

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can a stock Rancher AT run 25X8 and 25X10 mudbugs

i never get in anything really bad mostly holes with little mud and lots of water, but need something better than stock tires, yet something still light enought to run the trails with
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yeah they'll work good for buddy just put the holeshot atr's on his 400 at and wow is that thing an awesome trail machine of difference in handling.i got swamp fox tires but now i regret not getting the atr's.
i have that size in the mud bugs and i love them! highly recomend them for you
25x10 mudbugs is what I run on my AT with no problems.
I ride with a Rancher AT that is turning 26 inch Blackwaters..No prob..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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