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Rancher AT upgrade

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Hey guys, I've got an 04 rancher at and I'm looking to improve the performance of it. I was thinking of getting a jet kit and pipe. What do you recommend for me? I would like to get a pipe that's not to loud, and how hard/easy is it to do the jet replacement. Any help on the correct way to do it would be greatly appreciated.
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You can do all of that yourself. I'm not sure on what jet to get, but you can
do the installation of it. If you have any type of mechanical skills, you can
do it. I wouldn't waste money on a jet kit. Just get a factory Honda jet a few
sizes larger & put it in. I have a 450 & the stock jet size is a 130. I went up
five sizes to a 135. Runs great. I had the Dynojet kit in mine, but took it out.
I have a Triangle ATV Snorkit on mine & it didn't run worth a flip with the
Dynojets. You will save a lot of money if you get a larger factory jet.
I have a similar set up except that I stuck w/the Dynojet kit, an FMF utility racer exhaust, K&N intake filter, homeengineered snorkle, and a Web Cam.
Jetting is not an exact sience when it comes down to it. Alot of time you have to do multiple adjustments in order to find the right setting. When doing your jets you also have to take into account the alltitude your rideng at, the tempurature of the air going into the motor, and how much humidity is in the air. All of this and more can effect the performance.
any pics of a dyna jet would be most appreciated. never seen one before and sounds like a good way to improve performance

I don't have any pics of the kit. but it comes with several different jet sizes, a new needle, and the larger kits come with a dynojet spring replacement. If all your looking to do is run thru the mud then I would agree with the cheaper option, however you will not get the same power output with just a larger main jet.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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