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rancher at that has 246 miles

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my wifes new rancher AT has 246 miles on it and it wont shift or go into reverse. when you turn the key it flashes "-- --" and "esp" 12 times. is there any way to reset the ecm or something to get it to work. i tried the reset procedures for my rubicon and it helped with the reverse but still wont shift
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wont shift

mine did the same when i was out muddin and all i did was get some tools we keep in our gargo box and disconnect the battery and put it back together.. and have you looked in the owners manual it might tell u
This is the proper way to initialize a TRX400FG/FA


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thanks guys already got it fixed took my shop about 5 months( not a honda dealer, they are kawasaki dealer) took them that long to diagnose the problem.
here was the problem
some how the ecm shorted out and burnt the wires to the shift motor and it wouldnt let it shift right. runs great now. thanks again guys. buy the way it is now for sale if any one is interested. i amgonna get me rhino.
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