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Rancher AT pull start oil leak at 400 miles

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While loading my 2004 Rancher at on the trailer after a ride today I noticed oil dripping on the trailer floor. When I got home I took off the skid plate and the oil seemed to be coming out of the pull start vent. Is this common with only 400 miles, no mud or water just dusty trails in Arizona. Also the pull start rope seems to be soaked in oil. How bad can the drip be before the seal needs replaced. Riding season just started here and I would like to make it till next summer to replace the seal. I had just changed the oil before the ride and the level went down about 8 oz on a 4.5 hour 39 mile ride. I asume the leak does not fix itself. It just seems that it would last longer than 400 miles. Is my 2005 rubicon going to do the same thing?
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