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Rancher AT Problem

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When ever i trailor my bike i get a gallon of gas in my air box after i drain it it runs fine. Is the float getting stuck. Any help would be helpful. Thanks
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turn off your gas valve after you loadup your bike-that should help

dont feel bad...i had the same problem as did a few of my freinds until we figured it out.
Yep, John has it right! I thnk we all learned that lesson!!
Yes i have a snorkel. And now i cut the gas off, but ive had it 2 years and it just started this.
We had 3 bikes in a week have this problem. Maybe you were just lucky inthe past. Just make sure you turn off the gas.
I make it a habit to cut the gas off everytime i kill it.
My bike did it too. Also got all in the oil! Only started after we put the snorkle on!
Thanks I'll just cut the gas off.
Snorkel acts as a siphon and starts drawing fluid into the carb and eventually into your airbox/crankcase if it gets high enough.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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