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rancher at owner needs info and advice

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Hi all. Have some questions. I bought my wife an 05 Rancher 400at last year. I want to fix it up for her to do some sreious off-roading in southern Ohio and KY. Well maybe for my self as well.lolol. I'm looking for the right size tires that will handle anything i come across, the stockers wont cut it. I dont want to put a lift on it either. Also where is the best place to buy online. The local dealership has some mudlites on itp steel wheels, but they want 700$ for them. +tax. Any info would be helpful

P.S If anyone has any rear tire preferenc for a trx450r. let me know
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I think I answered this to the same person on another forum. Try tis site. I got 26 inch Mudlites mounted on ITP series 5 rims mounted and shipped to hte door for $450.00. The web site is " ". Great prices on alot of different tires. Give er a try.
Take a look at The Maxxis Bighorns

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

I gained 1 1/2" of clearance & it's more stable

Front: 26 X 9 X 12 Rear: 26 X 12 X 12 on OEM Wheels

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Well went shopping today and walked in and they had a rancher 350 with 26 inch 589 on it. it looked like the set up i was looking for. so i bought a set of them. I'm new to this by the way. any how they look like the kind of tire that will get me up some of those nasty power lines we ride in southern ohio. hope i'm not unhappy with them. the only thing i didn't ask about was wheel spacers for the back. tried one on the back and it needs some spacing. not sure how much i need. i should have just asked the dealer i bought them off of. any info would be app.

thanks everyone
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