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rancher and recon es will not shift please help

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Hi all,
We went on a trip up to Mi to ride. It rained for 300 miles of the trip and the next few nights it got down to 15. I think something froze on both atvs. Both the rancher and recon are electric shift, which are not working now. I am geting a 2 code. I put on new angle sensor and new ecu boxes
didnt fix it. I can ride them around just fine until I turn on the lights or hit the brake and the es stops working. If I dont use the brake or turn on the lights it will shift good. I have no idea what to do next. Please help.
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Sounds like you have a weak battery.
I took the recon to the dealer and they said the ES switches was full of water. All they had to do was clean and grease them. So I took apart the ranchers switches and cleaned them, but it didnt fix it. I guess I will have to take it to the dealer too.

Thanks for your help.
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