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rancher and foreman snorkel

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would a snorkel off a 350 rancher fit on a 450 foreman?
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That would greatly depend upon where the intake pick up is located on the air box. On my Rancher it's located on the left side (sitting on the quad).
Not sure if it would fit or not, but there is a post on here on how to make on from scratch that is not that difficult or expensive. Plus if you run it outside the plastic there is no cutting involved which is a good thing if you ever decide to sell it. When I first started I tried to never do a modification that I couldn't undo. Although now I'm far beyond that point!! You didn't mention if the one your thinking about changing is homemade or a store-bought kit..the answer to that may effect the answer you receive. Good Luck
well the intake pick up is one the same side as a rancher but i jus dont no if it would fit.... the one i have right now i made myself without cutting the plastic and it has a small leak right were it goes into the airbox so as soon as i get out of a deep hole i have to drain it all out and the reason i want to know if the rancher will fit is because i want to buy a traingle snorkel and the rancher snorkel is cheaper than the foreman
Built my own and the only leak I had so far was when I flipped it in the water and filled the snorkle thru the little 2" hole on top of the
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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