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Who has the 400 AT? I just wanted to know any issues they may have had with theres? I just purchased on 07 model with a 4 year extended warranty for my Fiance, mainly because she wants an auto and does very light trail riding. She may put 50 hours on it in a year if that.
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the AT is a good bike for trail riding, yet mud and work its not cut out for.... i have an 04 and if you put it in a bind the wheels wont turn the tranny will just whine and eventually it will spin the tires. not as much now since the ecm was changed but it was bad before.
I recently bought a 2004 Rancher AT and a 2005 Rubicon. Both had only 120 hours on them. After riding them back to back for aprox 400 mile on each one I can tell you that the Rubicon is better for faster trails (above 25) and is more comfortable on a longer ride. Also the liquid cooling works better in hot weather. I actually like the Rancher AT better on very tight trails in the mountains as it smaller size makes it easier to handle. It does not like cruising at higher speeds for a long time (above 35) as the rpms are to high. It has ample power for most riding but it is not a hot rod. The only problem I have with the Rancher is the rear seal buy the pull start leaks oil when it gets hot on a long ride and I just recently found out the overtemp light does not work in the light test mode. It seemed to run hot at first but I think it just needed broke in more. Also I raised the needle in the carb to richen the mixture at part throttle. It runs better and does not run as hot (the fan does not come on as much). All in all I am happy with both machines.
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I have an '07 Rancher 400AT running 26" Mudgear tires. I have NO problem turning them on dry ground or mud.
I have an 06 and I have never had a situation it couldnt go through,except when I drowned it. I have really found it to be a surefooted machine in mud too,and never ran upon any situation where it wouldnt pull,it might just spin,but would keep right on trying!
hello there i have a 06 rancher 400 at/esp 4x4 run itp mudlites works great in the mud,good on trails, good running machine ,,,don,t you know its a honda
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