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rancher 400 vs. big bear 400

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what is better between the i'm fixin to buy one of them but i can't deside and what one will turn 27" outlaws thanks for your help in advance
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the 400AT is lucky to turn 26"mud lites let alone 27" outlaws. the transmission isnt built for that type of stuff.
the big bear is geared very low, has IRS and a locker, much better mudder.
just add a clutch kit to the BB and your set.
i would go wiht the bigbear i havent ever heard someting good about the 400at tranny
Get the big bear the 400 rancher is a POS.
a buddy of mine got a 07 big bear turn the shocks all the way up and put 28x12 mud sharks all the way around, it turns them good in 1st,and real good in loose mud in 2nd
did it float with the 28's on it
did it float with the 28's on it
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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