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Rancher 400 AT transmission

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Just wondering,Does the 400AT use the same transmission as the Rubicon? How do they hold up to towing/pulling?
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400s tranny

I used to have an '04 Rancher AT.. they have more power than the 350's. it is a similar transmisson to the rubicon. the rubicon has a D1 and a D2 (Drive 1 and Drive 2) one for max HP and one for max Torque. The AT rancher is a great trail bike.. very durable.. i sold mine to my best friend.. it has over 5000 miles and still running great. I personally like manual transmissons for all around pulling. although i miss my automatic. I'd say for pulling.. get the rubicon!

P.S. Check out a Foreman S (standard model).. i have one and love it..

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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