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Rancher 350 ES 2x4 Question

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Hello guys I am new to the board and to be honest I am fairly new to the sport in general. I have a few questions about some mods that I am thinking about doing to my Rancher (2x4 ). I would love to have a 4x4 obviously but I just hate to go out and spend the kind of cash it is going to take to get one when I have my current Rancher which is perfectly fine so I was debating doing these few mods to help me do a little better on the trails.

-Hi lifter lift kit or Perflex ??? (which one)
-ITP Mud Lite ATs or similar
-Warn Bumper
-Warn 3.0 Winch

I just bought this thing a few months back from an elderly man who used it on his farm. I bought some brand new wheels and Maxxis tires from my buddy that came on his Rancher 420. The wheels and tires are still very much like new and they have performed well but I figured something a little more aggressive couldn't hurt anything. I know that my ATV is 2x4 and I am not looking to go to a mud bog or anything but I am just looking to do a few mods that might help me along a little while on the trails. Please feel free to share any and all advice that you are willing to share as it will be greatly appreciated. I would also love to see some pics of some "beefed" up 2wd Ranchers if you would like to share. I also would love to know the best places to buy the above mods from to get the best price and service. Thanks in advance!
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Here's my lightly modded Rancher...

If you're doing mostly trail stuff, you won't miss the front differential. Except for deep mud, I rode everywhere my buds' did on their 4x4's. My only problem was the front end getting light on rough, steep climbs. If you add the winch (I did after sticking mine in a mudhole) and bumper from your list, that'll help with some weight on the front end.

I'd say add some good tires and a winch, and you'd be good to go.
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WOW! That thing looks cool. Do you have a lift on it? It looks like it has one but I didn't see it listed in your sig.
for the type of riding you say you do (mostly trails) i would highly recomend the Perfex Long travel kit. really should smooth out the ride.

Yes, I think I am going to get the Perflex Long Travel kit for starters. I am currently shopping for wheels and tires.....any suggestions as to where to shop for the best price?

I also wanted to ask about these winches......

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... &rd=1&rd=1</a>

It looks like a pretty good one but as everyone knows looks can be decieving. Thanks for all the help so far and keep it coming. Thanks
QUOTE ("hlpressley":c8i2vttq)
Do you have a lift on it?
Not yet. The wife's learning to ride on it now...once she starts doing some knarlier terrain I'll probably add one.

QUOTE ("hlpressley":c8i2vttq)
That's the winch package I have on the Grizzly. So far it's done OK...pulled the Rancher up the hill in my backyard (flooded it out doing wheelies ) and yanked my buddy out of the muck .
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Thanks for all the help guys but I decided to go ahead and bite the bullet. I bought an 04 Foreman 450S from a friend of mine. I got a pretty sweet deal on it and I was able to help a friend out as well. It only has 56 hours on it so needless to say it is pratically new and I am very happy with it thus far. Now the only thing left to do is to figure out how to keep up with that 07 Rincon that he bought to replace it, LOL.....I will be posting pics up in the Foreman 450 section this weekend sometime. Thanks again and I love the site!!!
good stuff. i love the up grade in power from the rancher to foreman.
if you want 4x4 i have somthin that might help you it is the 4x4 parts and you can put it on a 2x4 i'm sellin it for $250 and everything works i was goin to put it on mine but don't really need it
if you want 4x4 i have somthin that might help you it is the 4x4 parts and you can put it on a 2x4 i'm sellin it for $250 and everything works i was goin to put it on mine but don't really need it
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