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Ramsey winches???

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I found a pretty good deal on a Ramsey 2500 manual, i dont like the remote, and wanted opinions on it. I can get it for 230 brand new w/roller fairlead. I really dont wanna here that warn is better because ive seen 2.5 break down quite frequently, alot of that has to do with it no being sealed. I have heard and have emailed Ramsey and they say there winches are mostly sealed, they are not perfect. The price i way more attractive that the 300 to 500 that warn 2.5 and 3.0's cost. Just want opinions about the Ramsey and if 2500 lbs is good enough for my foreman.

I usually ride with someone else who has a winch but there sometimes no on one has one. This would only be used 10 to 20 times a month depending on how much i ride. Anyone who has one do you have to break it down regulary and remove mud?

Thanks yall for the help as always
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great winch well worth the money you won't be disapointed
So the 2500 lb version has enough power to pull my foreman out? Everyone else told me to step up to 3000 lb winch, i just dont use it that much and just need a little insurance to go through bigger holes.
The 2500lb should be more than enough. But I would invest in a good snatch block. In most situations the winch alone is strongenough to pull you or another ATV out. But there are extreme situations where doubling the power (5k lbs) or redirecting the pull direction of the winch cable w/ a snatch block is neccessary.

Realistically your only talking 500lbs in pulling power from one to the other w/ the Ramsey, from what I know of them. But if your were talking about the Warn, who's construction varies greatly (2.5 vs 3.0) It would matter more.
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