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RAM self leveling ATV drink holder

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Does anyone have one of these RAM drink Holders?? If you do are they worth the $$$, and does anyone know where to get one cheaper?? I did a Google search and found a place that has them for around $30.00.

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Most of our group has them. I can't ride without mine. They do great when cruising but if you are going fast it will do circles and you will loose your drink.
highlifter has a beverage holder that look just like a ram and it is only fifteen dollars , also you can twist the bottom and make it fit a bottle.
my beer never last long enough to put in acup holder!
Dang, $40 plus shipping for a cup holder.
Mine did not last one ride, a piece of junk that cost a pretty penny.
Look at marine/boat accessesory stores. They sell similar ones to them.
i just made me two and mounted them on my front racks... one outta diamond plate and the other outta alum. just welded them up and mounted them with u-bolts
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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