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Raleigh NC

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I live in Raleigh NC and was just wondering how many guys on this site are from Raleigh or close. I just took my first trip to busco beach last saturday and I am ready to do it again this weekend. I put 30 miles on my Honda and I had a blast. I hope to get some people together soon to do an evening/night ride out there in the next few weeks. If anyone is interested let me know.
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I was there last weekend it was a blast riding with them gorilla boys, probally going back memorial day weekend
Not From Raleigh but from north of Greensboro.

Never been to Busco heard its alot of water but thats about all I know of the place.
Its a good place to ride it is a lot of water, but there are plenty of trails, you can take the pansy trails around the mud and water but i dont. u ought to go some time
I am from Rockingham, and so are a few other guys who look at, and post on these forums.

As far as Busco...I am about 2 hrs away and it is well worth the ride
Yeah busco beach is AWSOME I am ready to go back but all my friends with atv's are busy untill the end of may so I guess I will wait. It will give me time anyways to get some new mud tires and wheels. I have stockers now so I cant really decide what to get and what size or even if I should put a lift on before I get the new tires and wheels. What do you guys think?
Were going back and camping on memorial weekend, hope to see u there, if interested i got some 27x10 and 27x12 vamps on mine now want to sell and get bigger if interested pm me and let me know

I'm from Selma too, I love Busco Beach, But I think the best riding is in WV. But Busco is by far the BEST AROUND HERE!! Where do you live in Selma. I live off of Buffalo Rd.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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