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we are finally getting rain
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none here yet, but we have plenty of cloud cover... I mean smoke cover.
never thought i would get this excited about a simple thunderstorm coming through the state....we shouldnt get it till this afternoon

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Well I don't know about you but its been raining here all day!!!! Its about time. It isn't heavy, but its wet.
I would rather have steady rain all day than a heavy rain for 10 minutes. Hopefully the underground gets wet so the water starts to pool instead of just getting soaked up and gone..
just got done ridin out at grant... it was great. no dust. only wish there was bout 3 ft of water out there somewhere. but ill live.
gonna ride grant again tonight..... seeing if any of the local guys wanna meet up out there for a little rid. me and eurobro will be out there around 7-730ish.
Where is Grant? What is out there?
its in the melbourne/palm bay area. umm right now just bunch of trails and a little bit of mud in areas where there use to be lakes. durnin rainy season some nice trails and bunch of water. its good riding for the area it is and how close is it to me.
Its far for us orlando people.
its an hour drive...but wouldnt be worth comming up for a ride durning the week. we only ride for 2-2 1/2 hours durning the week.
ill send ya some of our rain...its rained at least once a day for the past week here..not alot of accumulation but never the less its wet...i almost had to bale hay out of my front didn't get cut for two weeks..then as soon as i got done cutting it rained..but this weeknd is looking good for our trip to the Hatfield & McCoy trails....hope you guys get the rain to get them fires under control...
It looks like we are scheduled for rain the rest of the week!
sweet.... im hoping rain the whole week and then stop friday afternoon/evening. would be perfect for this weekend.
May 21st was the official start of the "rainy" season whooo ra!
well it needs to start rainin right now!!!!!! lol. the 589s dont like the sand.
QUOTE ("civicex0202":2d9i5fyc)
the 589s dont like the sand.
Wait unitl you buy Outlaws then......

AS busy as its gonna be at SE this weekend, rain during the weekend wouldn't bother me, it will keep the dust minimal.
yup, i hope its miserable this weekend, it will be the first memorial day weekend i can ever remember getting rain on
Weather man here is only giving it 20-30 percent chance of rain all week. I hope it does rain because it was real dry and dusty out there this weekend.
riding in the rain doesnt bother me.. i agree i hope it rains all weekend so no dust.... hmmm i wonder if eurobro will ever see the foreman again???
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