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can anyone post some pics of thier 4 wheeler if it has a radio? i need some tunes to cruze to. also if you know of a good/cheap way of ding one. thanks!
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i dont have any pics of it on but what i done was went to tractor supply and bought a tractor radio that comes in a metal case with a speaker and just u-bolted it to the front racks i will try and get u a pic to see where and what i'm talking about
I just built one. I will try and get some pics for you today.
when you built one did you use a car radio with a CD Player?
Here is a video of what i use. I use the Bosch Power Box. You can charge
up the battery & it will last all day & then some of solid play. Very durable
& convieniant to use. Just strap it on and go. I plug my mp3 player into it
& go. It also plays cd's but will skip once the 45 second anti-skip is used up.
If you like it, i will give you more information on it. It ain't the best video,
but it will give you a general insight on how it works. It goes much louder
than i have it in this video. I wanted to be able to hear myself talk while
takin' the video.
Holy Moses Railroader! You crack me up man! The commentary on your videos is top notch.

Anyhow back on topic, is that one of those jobsite radios you can drop off roofs and stuff? I seen them before but I didn't think it'd be good on an ATV because it didnt say if they were water-proof or resistant.
Yeh I used a car radio with a cd player. I went to best buy and asked them for the cheapest car radio they had with a cd player and it was like 70$ so i got it. I bought one of those 20$ speaker boxes from walmart that has two spealers and two tweeters with it already. Then I bought a marine housing to put the cd player in and monted it on top of the speaker box. I will possibly be able to get some pics of the whole thing put together Thursday, but here is a pic of the marine housing that the Cd player goes in.
Haha nice job railroader!
Railroader I bet your a blast to go riding with!
That is a job site radio/cd player. I have taken it under water a few times
by accident. It says it is water resistant on the box & in the owners manuel.
It has never failed me. I wanted somethin' i could take on & off real fast &
without wirin' stuff up to my atv. I've put a cd in it & hit play & just flat out
threw it as hard as i could on concrete just to show some of my friends how
tough it is. It never skipped. I love it.
Nice radio Railroader, What kinda Camera did you use for the video? I was thinking of one of those helmet cameras just wondering if that was one you used.
ok ok. hold on. you said you plug your mp3 player into it?? your gonna have to explain that a bit more. is it external? if so...what brand? where do i buy that part? do you have alot of trouble with the cd skipping in the radio?does it have a way to plug it into the 12v system on your 4wheeler?

also could the guy(forgot his name) with the walmart system please post some pics. that idea sound like it may work for me. but again how do you power the radio?

thanks yall!

ride that ****!
So...The next question..HOW MUCH...That is a great set up. Definately on my Christmas List !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will be able to take some pics tommorow and get them up on here. It hooks up through a 12v plug (cigarette lighter) Its very easy to wire.
Rincon 650 are you asking me how much my setup is or Railroaders. If your asking me the whole thing was like 150$
Both...I aint got a money tree I am leaving my options avaliable...Thanx
The Boshe radio was $179 plus tax & the 18 volt battery was $80. You can
plug it in or charge the battery, which the radio does if you plug it in, & go
all day & then some. As far as plugin' the mp3 player in, you just get you a
chord that has two male ends like the ends of headphones & plug one end into
the mp3 player & one into the radio. As far as the cd skippin', it has a 45 second
antiskip, but after that, it will skip. And as to what camera i use, it is a Sony
digital camera that takes 15 second movies & decent pictures. Here is a
little video that i took when i first got my Power Box. I use to have it on the
rear rack, but now i put it on the front. I also don't have the mp3 player
tied to my handlebars like in the video. I keep the mp3 player in a Ziplok
back on top of the radio tucked underneath the handle. It stays put. I hope i have covered everything. If you still want more info on it, i'll make
a good little video coverin' everything about it.
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