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Radiator relocation...

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Has anyone done this on their 03 Rubicon? I would like to relocate it to the front rack of my bike. What do you think?
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do you have that much problems with over heating?
I have SERIOUS overheating problems. I dont think the relocation should be that bad. I have to extend the fan wiring and the radiator hoses only correct?
When was the last time you changed your coolant? Have you REALLLY cleaned the radiator? You might try adding water wetter or another addittive to the coolant to lower opperating temps.
I went at it for about 20 minutes with a hose and mud was coming out like crazy, but i thought i cleaned it well. I changed my coolant also, well i drained the plug on the radiator which isnt ALL the coolant and i WILL be adding some water wetter before i go through the relocation. I just got a Clymer manual and will drain all the coolant out and add water wetter and see what happens. I dont think the coolant is bad, the bike has 58 hours and hasnt been ridden in ~2 years!
is machine jetted right? Maybe you're running too lean. Try a larger main.
Well here is the problem i was having... I took it to Honda so they could figure out why it didnt have any power. Literally it would start fine but it could barely get up the ramp for my trailer, so i take it there and they say i have a hole in the vaccum hose. I dont know what that is but i think he means the vaccum cylinder or the plastic piece inside the carb bowl. Could that have been what was causing the overheating? Apparently i poked it by mistake or didnt replace it correctly after i re-jetted. Anyways im running the 155 or 160 main jet, i think thats plenty high enough for this altitude and my power mods. What do you all think?
I just think machine is lean, either on bottom or top.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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