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Radiator Lines

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Does any one know how you test your radiator lines
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test them for what ?
i need to make sure my coolant is flowing from my resevour to the radiator
Just pulle the hose from the overflow bottle to the radiator off and make sure you can blow through it. Thats about the only test you can do to that hose.
ok htanks I didn't mean to sound stupid
Not a prob. Sometimes, all it takes are some outside eyes to solve a problem.

That hose clogged a lot on my old POPO. Because the cap for it had a vent built into it. Any time you in water over the cap it could/would let water and sand in. My line filled up qutie a few times before I put a hose barb ibto the cap and ran it op w/ all the other vent lines. Luckily I naver had it get into the radiator, After that no probs w/ water flow or sand intrusion.
thanks i cleaned tha radiator out refilled it took in the pasture and hit a branch no i got a hole in the radiator
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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